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Our Process

Here at Enders Wealth Management, we offer guidance for life’s complex financial decisions. Since 1980, we have made it our mission help families stop making common money mistakes – so they can find clarity in their finances.

We do this by leveraging technology to cater to our clients’ busy schedules….allowing us to tailor a communication and meeting program that works best for you.

What separates us from other planners is how we bring it all together. We make the complex world of personal finance easy to understand, and always work in our clients’ best interests. We do so with a great sense of empathy and understanding of where our clients are in their own journey and where they want to go. As our clients face challenges unique to them, we are here with time-tested solutions. To help them focus on what matters most to their families and fully enjoy their lives.

Following the CFP Board’s Practice Standards, we have a detailed process for introducing families to our practice. Once the relationship has been established, we begin by learning about your financial goals and where you currently are on the journey. We then bring objectivity to your situation, finding gaps and validating successes. This gives you a professional opinion of where you’re headed, along with the solutions for you to choose from to help keep you on track. We can work together to implement new ideas or serve as a consultant that will stand at the ready when you need us. Either way, keeping in touch to track your progress is essential. Our clients find this to be the greatest assets when working with us.

Having a meaningful investment philosophy when building our clients’ portfolios is the backbone of our business. First, we pair your financial goals to a time horizon. Then, add in your individual risk tolerance resulting in an asset allocation tailored just for you. With tens of thousands of choices in the investment universe, you can depend on our ethical trading metrics when working with individual equities, fixed income and professional money managers. Going beyond the world of stocks, bonds and cash…we will also provide ongoing advice on debt, savings strategies, insurance, and hard assets. You dictate the level of involvement upon the creation of your portfolios, through working in a partnership that not only meets your financial needs but your emotional ones as well.

Following a goals-based performance model, we will meet with you on an annual basis to assess your portfolio and gauge if any adjustments are needed. Keeping a watchful eye on your investment accounts during the year will help us find anomalies, underachievers or breakout start and act accordingly.

Every family deserves honest and transparent financial planning. Having a tailored plan, at a reasonable price, should provide tremendous value when done right. We offer two service models, allowing our clients to choose the program that best suits their needs. Project-based financial consulting is a one-stop pricing model, designed for those families looking for help with a burning question or want a short-term relationship. Traditional wealth management offers a tiered asset-based fee for professional money management, customized with a long-term service model designed just for you.

The entire scope of personal financial planning has become more challenging. We are in business to help families by offering guidance for life’s complex financial decisions.