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Enders Wealth Management primarily works with engineers and high net worth young professionals.  Our practice is designed to serve these clients using detail-oriented financial planning strategies that are tailor-made for each family.  However, we can be useful to families concerned with an upcoming retirement and maintaining a steady stream of income that will keep pace with their changing lives.  We use time-tested concepts and deliver advice in a modern format that accommodates our client’s busy schedules.

Every family deserves honest and transparent financial planning.  Having a tailored plan, at a reasonable price, should provide tremendous value when done right.  We offer two service models, allowing our clients to choose the program that best suits their needs.  Project-based financial consulting is a one-stop pricing model, designed for those families looking for help with a burning question or want a short-term relationship.  Traditional Wealth Management offers a tiered asset-based fee for professional money management, customized with a long-term service model designed just for you.

The entire scope of personal financial planning has become more challenging.  We are in business to help families by offering guidance for life’s most complex financial decisions.