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Divorce Planning – Leveraging the CFP® Practitioner

September 21, 2021

Divorce Planning – Leveraging the CFP® Practitioner

By Kimberly Enders CFP® CWS™

  1. Taxable ramification of the changing of ownership, or liquidation, of both after-tax and pre-tax investment accounts.
  2. Nuance understanding of retirement plans both relating to the QDRO and alternative strategic division when QDRO planning is not a favorable option.
  3. Gathering, organizing, and sequencing documents for financial assets under both the personal and business net worth umbrellas.
  4. Forensic financial planning – following (or creating) the paper trail for hidden or misplaced investment accounts including securities, cash, and hard assets.
  5. Creating a paper trail of ownership for separate property, inherited property, or other assets to be held outside of the division of assets.
  6. Determining the legal ownership, and current market value, of non-traditional investments such as illiquid investments, employer stock options or closely held businesses interests.
  7. Core retirement and education planning projections to equalize today’s division of assets for a favorable long-term strategy.
  8. Life insurance placement when mandatory per the judgement to hedge a lapse of support payments.
  9. Fiduciary services to those clients who are looking for wealth management during or after the division of assets.
  10. Cash flow analysis and budget planning for expenses such as legal fees, status quo payments and future support payments.


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