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January 4th Client Letter

| January 04, 2021
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January 4, 2021


With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season behind us…. I do hope this letter finds you happy, healthy and a bit more wealthy as we finish the year strong in the fixed-income and equity markets.  One of the most beautiful things about this time of the year is the traditions we have developed. Whether solo or with family and friends, I do hope you found a way to celebrate your traditions of the season with loved ones in some way, shape or form. 


This New Year of 2021 is starting off with some uncertainty as we all joyfully bid adieu to 2020, but the team at EWM have been steadfast in our promise to you as we continue to navigate the volatile stock market, public health crisis and even take advantage of some of the sweeping legislative changes made in 2020.


This past year was a tremendous test not only for portfolios, but on the very fabric of our way of life.  I want to take this time to thank you for your continued trust in me and my team.  While I always appreciate your faith in the financial planning process that we craft together, this year that trust was more apparent than ever.  You invited me into your inner circle when tragedy struck…and I took that very seriously.  I was sometimes the only non-family member some of you had seen in months!   These small acts reminded me that we are truly an extended family here at EWM.


The year 2020 also ushered in a rapid advancement of technology and we are pleased to be working in a hybrid business model to accommodate the well-being of our clients.  Donna and I were able to quickly adapt to meeting with people in a virtual way while still offering limited in-person meetings to those who needed it.  NOTE: For the duration of flu season, we will be offering in-person meetings only for those who are going through a major life transition (retirement, loss of a family member, etc.) and look forward to opening the branch to the public again once we can safely do so in the spring.


As an industry, the world of personal finance had major changes in 2020 such as the SECURE Act (increased the RMD age to 72, expansion of penalty-free withdrawals from retirement plans and the elimination of Stretch IRAs to name a few), the CARES Act (RMD’s suspended for 2020, penalty free distributions from IRA’s for CV19 impacted families and the return of some tax deductions) and record low mortgage interest rates.  If you would like to discuss how any of these changes impact YOUR financial situation, just give me a call.


On behalf of the local branch here in Michigan, and the home office team in Florida, we continue to wish you good health and a prosperous new year!





Kimberly JC Enders CFP® CWS™





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