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When New Year’s Goals Evolve

January 11, 2024

Goal setting has to be one of my favorite activities. Some people are wine connoisseurs, die-hard sports fans or home decorating geniuses…but my undeniable talent is setting (and sticking with) goals.  For this reason, I get pretty excited the last week of December as we ring in the New Year and I spend all day on January 1st tracking my results for the ending year and putting pen to paper as I look ahead at the blank canvas of a new year and what I want to achieve.  The young people call it curating your life.  Some people call it manifesting your life.  I call it having a laser focus on what is important to you and working towards it daily.


This past week I collected all my data, notes, thoughts, and ideas to create my vision board for 2024.  This exercise gives me a daily visual reminder of what is truly important to me and has been one of the greatest tools in helping me stay on track throughout the entire year.  When I was finished, I hung it on the wall and stepped back to bask in the glow of the visual representation of the physical / financial / spiritual / professional / personal life I’ve been thinking about since the first signs of the holiday season appeared at Target.  But this year it was different.  It was subtle at first, but when I really took the whole thing in…I noticed a big change.  It was not a colorful collection of the life I was dreaming of….it was a reminder of the life I was already living.  Nothing new was on the board, it was showing the life I was already living.


My goals evolved.


No longer was I running towards something:  starting something new, wanting more of this or less or that.  It was an accurate representation of what my life looks like now and frankly  just telling myself to stay with it.  Keep golfing.  Keep working out.  Keep investing for my future.  I was floored.  For the very first time since my sales manager had me make a “Dream Book” in 1995 to help me chase after my goals....there was nothing new.  No thing to buy.  No place to go.  No “new me” I was trying to build.  It was a complete picture of living my exact same life but with more balance and intention.  I feel like I leveled up somehow.  My new year goals have evolved because I have evolved.  And what happened after that was truly amazing.


For the first time in a really long time, I started dreaming big.  Maybe I could move to that cute town I’ve always loved to visit?  Maybe I could go on an expedition trip to Antarctica?   Maybe I could increase my 401(k) contributions to a level I’ve never reached?  It was an excitement in my mind that something bigger was possible….but I did not change my vision board.  I will enjoy the new year of balance and consistency, being more intentional with my time spent with people and activities that are truly important to me.  So now I’m already looking forward to doing my 2025 goal planning week in December, and excited to find out how much capacity for life I truly have.




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