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You deserve the best

August 05, 2022

What inspires you to do your best?  Where does the motivation come from that excites you to reach for your dreams and not stop until you achieve them?  Now, how often does this same surge of energy get applied to your finances?  Are you checking your stock portfolio with enthusiasm, seeking opportunities in down markets?  Do you have a standing “date night” with your financial planner, insurance agent or tax professional to ensure your goals are on track?  Probably not.  So why do we often feel we deserve the best in life, when we aren’t excited (or willing) to plan for it?

I’ve always had a list of goals and dreams.  And after 20 years of hard work and focus, they are coming true!  Not because I hit the lottery, but because my dreams are realistic, achievable, and affordable.  The dream trip?  Planned it.  The dream car?  Currently planning for it.  Now…these dreams may not be happening this month or this year, but I have a plan on how to get there.  And this plan gives me focus.  It also gives me hope.  Focus and Hope are very motivating feelings when it comes to our finances…and these coupled with a budget, help me achieve my goals in life.  I’m excited about personal finance, and this excitement brings motivation…. which brings focus…. which brings planning…. which brings actionable steps to hit my goals.  One small step first.  Then another…then another…until momentum builds, and progress is made. Goal is hit.  And people wonder why I travel so much?? lol

When I really think about this process, I can see my contentment in life.  I feel that I deserve the best that I can provide myself, not the best that is out there.  I want the best that I can afford, not the best that I can pay for.  That is a big difference!!  As long as I am hitting my retirement goals, savings goals, education goals, monthly expenses and emergency fund balance…I can afford the best!  If I have the money, but these other financial areas are not being taken care of first, I can pay for the best…but not really afford it.  That is a big difference when I look at the sustainability of wealth versus the here-and-now of wealth.

So, this month, I challenge you to think about your financial dreams.  Put pen to paper (or finger to screen) and build a budget for your big dreams.  Calculate your surplus income after taking care of your basic savings and investing goals.  Craft a financial plan on how to achieve it and go after it!  You deserve the best, so let’s start with you giving your best to your future and then plan for the best you can afford right now.


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