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Our Story

Our history date back to 1980 when Gail Enders was the store manager for the Good Housekeeping Shop in Dearborn, Michigan. After many years of being an iconic Detroit brand, the store closed and Gail found himself out of a job at age 50 and needed to re-build his future. From this, the roots of Enders Wealth Management (EWM) were born.

Gail started working in the life insurance industry in Troy, Michigan - helping small business owners secure insurance for their succession planning. He became active with Clarenceville School District & Oakwood Hospital’s 403(b) plans, where he worked with local educators and medical professionals setting up their retirement plans. His success came so quickly that his son, Steven Enders, joined him in 1983 to help manage the retirement planning side of the practice.

Steve worked side-by-side with his father and brought EWM to the forefront of retirement planning in Metro Detroit. It was Steve who ushered in a new era for the practice by learning about modern products being introduced to the market. He worked with area businesses setting up their company sponsored retirement plans while maintaining close relationships with local educators and medical professionals.

Being a successful father/son team worked for over decade, then the need to expand happened once again. This time, a woman was brought into the mix: Kimberly Crichton Enders. Working alongside Gail and Steve in the insurance business to start, she launched the brokerage side of the practice in 1995 by moving into securities and wealth management programs at the peak of the dot-com technology stock bubble. Kimberly rounded out the practice by engaging in more portfolio management & comprehensive financial planning.

In 1998, Gail retired from the practice and left EWM with Steve at the helm. At the same time, Kimberly broke away and joined a large national Wall Street firm to build and manage investment portfolios.

EWM soldiered on.

Staying current in the industry, Steve began teaching educational seminars under the name Successful Retirement Planning Seminars; bringing retirement planning education to Macomb County. Steve made a name for himself in Utica, Michigan and the practice continued to flourish. In 2003 Kimberly came back to the practice, bringing with her the skills she had developed when working at one of Wall Street’s largest stock brokerage firm. She worked again with Steve and handled the portfolio management side of the practice.

The new decade had ushered in tremendous changes in the financial services industry and EWM once again met this change and embraced it. The team stopped conducting retirement seminars and dedicated themselves to helping clients weather the storm during the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Kimberly earned her CFP® marks and rose to partner status in 2014.

Embracing technology and the speed in which information was exchanged…the role of the financial planner had evolved, too. Customized communication and financial plans were developed to meet the needs of clients as they work harder and faster themselves. In 2019, a second location was opened in Sterling Heights, Michigan and the practice went national utilizing emerging technology to virtually meet with clients across the country.

The greatest test happened in the year 2020 when we saw the greatest stock market crash since the Great Depression and a pandemic changed the way we do business forever. EWM became a pillar in the community, not only by navigating the turbulent waters of the stock market on behalf of their clients, but also becoming an expert source of knowledge for local business owners just trying to keep their doors open. The practice adapted quickly to a new way of providing financial planning and strengthened its ties to their clients. We were truly all in it together.

Keeping the legacy alive after two generations, Enders Wealth Management has always stayed true to its roots: providing high quality retirement planning through the trusted relationship between client and adviser. The need for financial education has not only stood the test of time but grown in the past few years and EWM stand ready to help now our third generation of clients grow, manage, preserve and distribute their wealth.